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Record Section

Record Section

Offset Size  Description

0000 L Uncompressed data length
0004 ID A1 01 00 10 for ADPCM compression, 00 00 00 00 for standard compression
0008 W Number of times the sound will be repeated minus 1 (ie 03 for 4 times)
000A B Volume setting: from 01 (minimum) to 05 (maximum)
000B B Always 00?
000C L Time between repeats in millionths of a second (000F4240 for one second)
0010 LListB Sound data

Standard compression uses (about) 8.3 kHz 8 bits sampling. So each byte records a volume.

ADPCM compression is a standard that can be looked up elsewhere (OK, this is a cop-out; I will document it at some later time).

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