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Sheet Graph Section

Sheet Graph Section

This section contains the full description of one graph.

 Data   Description

B Always 02
Offset Offset of the Sheet Graph Description
L Number of regions used (length of list below)
L Graph type (see below)
List List of Offsets to each Sheet Graph Region
W Always 00/01 00 ?
Font Axis: Font (default: Arial)
Size Axis: Font size
B Axis: Font characteristics (see below)
3B Always 00 00 00 (axis colour?)
Font Title: Font (default: Arial)
Size Title: Font size
B Title: Font characteristics (see below)
3B Always 00 00 00 (title colour?)
B Position of legend (see below)
B Always 02 ?
L Always 00 00 00 00 ?
L Always 00 00 00 00 ?
L Always 83 1A 00 00 ?
L Always 00 0A 00 00 ?
String Graph title

Regions can be seen as independent graphs that are displayed over each other or are otherwise combined.

The following graph types are used:

 Number Name      Region handling

0 line graph (separate line for each region)
1 column graph (separate column for each region)
2 multi-column graph (one column for all regions)
3 bar graph (separate bar for each region)
4 multi-bar graph (one bar for all regions)
5: scatter chart (x-y pairs)
6 pie chart (shows first region only)

The list of Offsets to each Sheet Graph Region is in fact an LListL, except that another long (containing the Graph Type) is between the list length and the list itself.

The font characteristics are encoded as below. Note that some of the characteristics are instead found in the Sheet Graph Description!

 Bit  Meaning

0 Italics
1 Bold
2 Superscript
3 Subscript

The three bytes after the font characteristics axis and title byte may well contain the text color for each of them; there seems to be a bug in Sheet which makes it ignore changes to them.

The legend position is encoded as follows:

 Number Location

00 off
01 north-west
02 north
03 north-east
04 east
05 south-east
06 south
07 south-west
08 west
09 center

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