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TextEd Section

TextEd Section

This section describes a text, with layout codes and other things. It is laid out as a jumptable to auxiliary sections followed by the text itself.

 L ID     Identifier 5C 00 00 10

TextEd Jumptable
L ID Identifier 64 00 00 10
Text Section Text of the header/footer

Note that there is a real Text Section at the end, not just an offset to it!

TextEd Jumptable

This contains combinations of IDs and offsets of sections. All entries are optional.

Identifier  Section

63 00 00 10 Text Replacement Section
65 00 00 10 Unknown; always found with offset 00 00 00 00?
66 00 00 10 Text Layout Section

If no Text Layout Section is needed, its Offset may equal 00 00 00 00, or it may simply be omitted. It is possible this is true for other sections as well.

Text Replacement Section

This section describes how dynamic elements like the current date and the page number should be substituted.These elements are written fully in the Text Section, with their latest expansions. This section determines how they should be updated.

This section is a LListE of the elements below. Note that the last element only consists of the first Long.

 Size Data  Description

L Offset of replacement text, counted from the end of the last
L Length of the text as appearing in the text section
L ID Identifier for kind of substitution
L Offset Offset of the Text Substitution Pattern

 Identifier  Data   Notes

5F 00 00 10 Time or date Uses true substitution patterns
60 00 00 10 Page nr. Substitution pattern of length 0
61 00 00 10 Nr. of pages Substitution pattern of length 0
62 00 00 10 Filename No subsitution pattern; offset 0

Text Substitution Pattern

The substitution patterns are BlistBs. Their encoding is unclear; %*J%:1%T%B is found for times, %D%M%J%/0%1%/1%2%/2%3%/3 for dates.

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