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Chaos Strikes Back


Debian packages for Chaos Strikes Back, a Dungeon Master clone.

Maintenance status: 
Actively maintained and developed
Chaos Strikes Back license

Chaos Strikes Back license

The actual status of the license is somewhat unclear. The author describes it as "stolenware". The copyright holders are aware of this port and have taken no steps.

According to Paul R. Stevens, author of the port:



The Neodio Card reader/writer is an USB storage device for reading CompactFlash cards. It needs some special initialization code to work properly. This kernel patch provides it. It should work with all 2.4
kernels, though it has been tested only with 2.4.19 and 2.4.20. It is unneeded (but harmless to install) on 2.6 kernels.

The Neodio Card read/writer is also branded as Lead Data. The USB ids:

  • Vendor Id:  0aec
  • Product Id: 5010

Applying the patch

There is one patch included in this package:

apt-installed-status(1) manual page


apt-installed-status − get the repository an installed package comes from


apt-installed-status [ OPTION ... ]


apt-installed-status determines for installed packages from which apt repository they come.

SELinux telnetpatch README and INSTALL

The telnetd and telnetd-ssl packages in Debian do not work with the selinux policies in etch (because /usr/lib/telnetlogin is not executable for the telnet daemon). This package contains a module that will solve this problem.

SELinux cupshplippatch README and INSTALL

The hpssd daemon (from the hplip package) in Debian etch does not work correctly with the selinux policies in etch. There are several reasons for this. This package contains a module to correct these issues.

The module in this package is called cupshplippatch, and it depends on the cups module.

See also Debian bug 443177.


This package is renamed kernel-patch-fat-epoc. The old package, called kernel-patch-fat-old, should not be used anymore. The mount option for  .6 kernels, previously called oldfat is renamed epoc.

Psiconv README


This package is meant to make the Psion 5 series of PDAs, as well as other small computers running EPOC 32, more usable to non-Windows users. But even they may profit from the data I collected.

The package consists of several parts:

Psiconv: other tooling

File documentation

  • Psion series 3 documentation
    This site contains lots of information on Epoc16 (Psion series 3) file formats. They are completely different from the Epoc32 file formats described on my site.

Transfering files



All software written by me and hosted on this site can be found in the Subversion archive.

The public archive can be accessed read-only without password. If you want to contribute and need write access please contact me at frodo@frodo.looijaard.name.

The base URL is svn://svn.frodo.looijaard.name/public. Checking out the whole archive, including tags and branches, will take approximately 40 MB at the moment (October 2014).


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