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Debian software and APT archive


The server debian.frodo.looijaard.name hosts a public APT archive with software which is not available in mainstream Debian. It is software which I have written myself, and packages which I have Debianized.

To access the APT archive, you need to edit your /etc/apt/source.list file. Add the following lines:

deb     http://debian.frodo.looijaard.name/public/VERSION VERSION PROGRAMS
deb-src http://debian.frodo.looijaard.name/public/VERSION VERSION PROGRAMS

 VERSION is one of sarge, etch, lenny or wheezy.

The PROGRAMS are a list of one of more space-seperated programs, as given below.

If you get an error regarding an unavailable public key, like below, you need to import my GnuPG/PGP key.

W: GPG error: http://debian.frodo.looijaard.name sarge Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C67DE433B014A343

Software written by me

Packagesources.list entry (PROGRAMS)DescriptionStatusPackages (sarge)Packages (etch)Packages (lenny)Packages (wheezy)
commondebian-frodo-looijaard-keyringThe GPG key used to sign this archive and its packagesActively maintainedNot available for sargeversion 2007.08.11version 2010.08.10version 2010.08.10
apt-installed-statusapt-installed-statusTool to determine which repositories installed packages come fromActively mainainedNot available for sargeNot available for etchNot available for lennyversion 1.1
PsiconvpsiconvTranslate Psion 5 and other EPOC filesNo longer maintainedversion 0.9.8vresion 0.9.8Not available (is now included in Debian)version 0.9.9
Qemu-startqemu-startStart Qemu safely and access tap devicesNo longer maintainedversion 1.1.1version 2.0version 2.0Not available for wheezy
FAT-EPOCfat-epocAccess FAT filesystems written by EPOC devicesNo longer maintainedversion 1.7version 1.9version 1.9Not available for wheezy
NeodioneodioNeodio CompactFlash Cardreader on LinuxHistoricversion 1.1Not available (only applies to 2.4 kernels)Not available (only applies to 2.4 kernels) Not available (only applies to 2.4 kernels)
SELinux patchesselinuxSELinux policy patches and additional modulesHistoricNot available (SELinux is not mature enough on Sarge)version 1.0.0Not available (SELinux on lenny is very different)Not available (SELinux on wheezy is very different)

Software by others packaged for Debian

Packagesources.list entry (PROGRAMS)DescriptionStatusPackages (sarge)Packages (etch)Packages (lenny)Packages (wheezy)
Ultima IV xu4ultima4Port of Ultima IV to LinuxActively maintainedversion 1.0beta3version 1.0beta3 version 1.0beta3 +cvs20100811version 1.0beta4 +svn20130505
Chaos Strikes BackcsbPort of Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back to LinuxActively maintainedversion 10.0version 10.0version 11.014version 12.100

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