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A new laptop

I have been a content user of the Asus EEE series up until now. My latest laptop was a Asus EEE 1015PE. I am a heavy user, though - not in the sense that I run very heavy processes on it (it is not really suited for that), but in the sense that I carry it almost always with me and that it is multiple hours a day in use. You can clearly see that: my old laptop was battered and has had multiple repairs (these last months, I opened it up at least every fortnight - and it was clearly not made to suffer such indignities). Minor issues began to compound, until I really had no choice. A new laptop had to be bought.

My old laptop was a 10" model, and I wanted something that size again. Alas, it turns out that is easier said than done. The "netbook" form factor, once very popular, is basically dead. There are no attractive new models made anymore. The closest you can really get is a tablet with a keyboard. But I want to run a full-fledged Linux distribution on it. So, after some mind searching, I have decided to settle on a 11" model. To be exact, I have bought a Lenove Thinkpad E145. It is about as big as an A4 and seems to support Linux well. We will see how well it will suit me. I ordered it last Sunday and received it two days ago.

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