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Neodio CompactFlash Cardreader on Linux

Making the Linux 2.4 kernel recognize the Neodio CompactFlash Cardreader.

Maintenance status: 
Mostly of historic interest


The Neodio or Lead Data USB Compact Flash reader/writer is an USB storage device for reading CompactFlash cards. It needs some special initialization code to work properly in Linux 2.4 kernels. This kernel patch provides it. It should work with all 2.4 kernels, though it has been tested only with 2.4.19 and later. Offsets may be a bit off, but it should apply cleanly. 2.6 kernels do not need this patch, as they handle the Neodio correctly without help.

The USB ids to recognize this device:

  • Vendor Id: 0AEC
  • Product Id: 5010

Using the patches

When a kernel is compiled with this patch enabled, it will automatically recognize the card reader/writer. Just access (mount) it as any other USB storage device.

Debian packages and Subversion

Debian packages can be found at the Debian download page.

A browsable Subversion tree can be found at the ViewVC server.

The Subversion archive can be accessed through the following SVN URI:



The following documentation is available online:

  • README file
    Containing a more detailed description of this package


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