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Glibc installation


This document describes what I had to do to get glibc-2, also known as libc-6, installed on my Linux system. It contains a step-by-step guide to recompile and install all components needed.

Note that, though I have checked and rechecked this document to the best of my abilities, there may still be bugs and omissions, both small and large. I use glibc-2 myself after the setup described here without any problem, but your mileage may differ. I would be grateful for any comments or corrections you send me - and perhaps a small note if this also works for you...

If you are interested in setting up glibc-2, I would recommend that you read the chapters called Introduction and Other useful documents first. After reading them, decide whether you want to go through all the work as described in this document, or if you would rather take a shortcut and use components already installed on your system as described in the The Glibc 2 HOWTO. Note that compiling everything will take quite some time (read: hours on a Pentium-100).

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