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Lenovo E145: Backlight


The backlight brightness of an Lenovo E145 laptop with a Radeon HD 8240 graphics controller can not be adjusted on Debian. Neither the Fn-F7/Fn-F8 keys are working nor any other interface.


Force the use of the kernel Radeon driver by installing the (non-free) Radeon firmware.


There are several drivers that may be used by the Linux kernel and the X Windows System. The trick is forcing the correct one, as not all drivers support the backlight.

Lenovo E145: Wireless network


The wireless network adapter on Lenovo E145 laptops is not supported out of the box on Debian. Though you can see the PCI device (using lspci), you do not have a wireless interface (as checked with ifconfig -a, for example).

Sendmail: Using TLS for authentication


You have a laptop or other mobile device running Debian. You have your own Sendmail server, also running Debian. You want to send email from your laptop, but your Sendmail server does not accept your emails if you are not on your local network.

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