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Chaos Strikes Back

Debian packages for Chaos Strikes Back, a Dungeon Master clone.

Maintenance status: 
Actively maintained and developed


The author of this clone game describes it as follows:

This program is a very exact translation of the original Atari ST program, "Chaos Strikes Back". This game, and its predecessor, "Dungeon Master" were remarkable games. They fit on a single floppy disk (before 'high density' was invented) and could be played very nicely on a machine with only 512K bytes of memory. The monsters, setting, and puzzles made it one of the best games of its type. Ever. Games like "Eye of the Beholder" attempted to duplicate the effort but came up short, in my opinion.

I played CSB on the Atari 520ST until it died. Then I was out of luck. I wanted to know how the game worked internally. I wanted to play the game to its conclusion. But I had no computer on which I could do these things.

Finally, after many years, I got my hands on the binary executable for the game. I wrote a disassembler to turn it into human-readable op-codes and proceeded to translate it to C++ using the Microsoft Version 6.0 C++ compiler. Eight hours a day for six months. About 120,000 lines of pseudo-assembly language. Crazy thing to do. But it works.

The game and the source code are free to do with as you please.

I have packaged it for Debian.

Current release

There are separate Debian packages for the game engine, for the game data of Dungeon Master and for the game data of Chaos Strikes Back. You can find them in the apt archive as described on the main Debian page.

Note that all of these packages are non-free according to The Debian Free Software Guidelines. They may not even be freely distributable.

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