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Start Qemu safely and access tap devices

Maintenance status: 
No longer maintained or developed


Qemu-Start is a small program that helps you start qemu in a safe and useful way. It has the following features:

  • Start qemu as a non-privileged user
  • Run qemu as a non-root user
  • Propegates xauth information
  • Only selected users can start qemu
  • Existing tap network devices can be bound

It presumes all qemu instances will run under the same user-id (qemu). A group emulator is created; only members of this group are allowed to start qemu. Qemu is started with one ethernet interface, which is bound through a tap device. Xauthority data is automatically transferred if the DISPLAY variable is set.

Debian package and Subversion

Debian packages can be found at the Debian download page.

A browsable Subversion tree can be found at the ViewVC server.

The Subversion archive can be accessed through the following SVN URI:



The following documentation is available online:


Project | by Dr. Radut