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Tag clouds

It is quite hard to find a good tag cloud for Drupal 7.

I had hoped to find a views based solution, as that would be the most flexible. Or, at least, it should be able to filter on content type (as I have one vocabulary for two content types).

Searching for tag+cloud modules on drupal.org for 7.x returns 16 hits. Discarding animated or flash-based solutions as well as Google Maps-related modules and plugins for Tagadelic only a few candidates are left:

  • Tagadelic itself
    This seemed like the main candidate until it became clear that development is abandoned and that there is no stable 7.x release. A pity, because for 6.x there are several nice-looking plugins.
  • cctags
    This may actually be what I am looking for; but the bad English and the Russian site you are redirected to made me set it aside for now.
  • Tagcloud
    This is the one I went for. It advertises itself as a light-weight alternative for Tagadelic, offering most of the functionality without the APIs.

Tagcloud almost does what I want; it does not use Views, though, and it can not filter on content types. So I hacked that in, which is always a bother when it comes to updating the module.

Actually, Views Cloud would be perfect; but there is no port yet to Drupal 7. Perhaps I should try that myself one of these days.

Blog_article | by Dr. Radut