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Trouble in libreoffice Calc

I recently started to experience strange behavior in Calc. When I copied cells and pasted them, it sometimes did not work correctly. Worse, when I tried to do a second paste, formulas consistently got lost and I got only the cell values.

It turns out xfce4-clipman is the culprit. This is a plugin that keeps a history of your selections. According to the manual, it is a good idea to check the option Sync selections. Turning it off, though, seems to solve this problem.

The X Window System has two separate copy buffers, one for passive selections (highlighting something with the mouse) and one for active selections (using ctrl-c or ctrl-x in most environments). It seems that this option tries to synchronize both buffers, but that somehow information gets lost in the process. Probably because the active selections allow data conversion, but the passive selections do not.

Blog_article | by Dr. Radut