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Wireless access point

My wireless access point at home is actually a Realtek 2500 wireless card on my server. I use my server as the place to put access policies and as a broker for all traffic (my public IP address is also on it, instead of on the modem in front of it).

My new laptop, though, did not want to associate with it. At least it saw the network, sometimes - that is an improvement compared to the Apple iPad mini I kind of own (it comes with the job), which downright refuses to acknowledge the network exists at all. I have fiddled with many settings in /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf, but without success for now.

Anyway, after updating the kernel on my server (from 3.12 to 3.14, both from the Debian backports archive) it suddenly started to work. The laptop, that is - the iPad mini has not deigned to change its position. Now the big question is: was it the reboot that solved this or the kernel upgrade? That will probably remain a question for now, as I do not want to reboot the server yet again.

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