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Application ID Section

Application ID Section

Application ID sections define objects. Usually, a file has a main Application ID Section, and all inserted objects have one too. This section may actually describe what application should be launched to access the file.

An Application ID section is structured like this:

 Size  Description

ID Identifier
String Appication name

At this time, there seems to be a one-on-one relation between identifiers and application names. But for all I know the identifier might not describe the application, but the file; in that case, there might be more than one identifier associated with an application (though each identifier should still be associated with one single application).

These identifiers are also used for UID3 in the Header Section.

Identifier  Name

7D 00 00 10 Paint.app
7E 00 00 10 RECORD.APP
7F 00 00 10 Word.app
84 00 00 10 Agenda.app
85 00 00 10 TextEd.app
86 00 00 10 Data.app
87 00 00 10 Comms.app
88 00 00 10 Sheet.app

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