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xs4all VDSL with the Vigor 130

I am back on a slowish VDSL home connection. After getting used to high-speed fibre, this is quite a set back. My provider is xs4all. They provide a Fritzbox 7360 v2 modem. It used to be that you could set these to bridge the VDSL signal to your ethernet, but this is no longer possible for recent firmwares.

As I want my public IP-address to live on my server, and not on my VDSL modem, I bought a Vigor 130. This is a simple ADSL/VDSL modem that supports bridging, as well as PPPoE passthrough.

For an internet connection, you just can use the PPPoE passthrough. It uses VLAN 6. To also use IPTV is a little more complicated. The way I configured it is to use  MPoA (RFC 1483/2684) with an MPU of 1492 and Bridge Mode enabled. If you do not touch the VLAN settings this will bridge and trunk everything right to the LAN port.

Next comes a simple VLAN-aware switch, that picks up VLAN 4 and redirects it to the IPTV decoder, and VLAN 6 to my server (actually, this is a trunk too, as I want other VLANs to go through it too, but that is another story).

This will result in simple bridged IPTV; routed should be possible too, but I do not see the advantages yet to figure that out.

For telephony you can repurpose the Fritzbox. I have just put it into my LAN and it works fine.

Blog_article | by Dr. Radut