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xs4all VDSL with the Vigor 130

I am back on a slowish VDSL home connection. After getting used to high-speed fibre, this is quite a set back. My provider is xs4all. They provide a Fritzbox 7360 v2 modem. It used to be that you could set these to bridge the VDSL signal to your ethernet, but this is no longer possible for recent firmwares.

Udev: resolve a changed MAC address


After changing the MAC address (Ethernet address) of your network adapter, it does not get an IP address. This can happen within a virtual machine or when replacing the network card in a physical machine. If you try an ifconfig -a or an ip addr list, you see that the name of the network card has changed (for example, from eth0 to eth1).

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by Dr. Radut