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The GNU Libc2 with Linux site (no longer online) contains a wealth of information regarding glibc-2 and lots of pointers to other documents.

Stefan Morrell describes how you can migrate completely to glibc2, making it the default environment. His page is called Migrating to Gnu 'C' Library Version 2 (or how I did it!) (no longer online).

There is a very useful document about installing Glibc-2, called The Glibc 2 HOWTO. It shows a quick-and-dirty way of installing glibc without having to recompile gcc. There is a major downside to the method presented there: you have to use some very ugly command-line parameters to compile even the smallest test program. The reason therefor is that I recommend installing a cross-compiler, while in this document you use one compiler for both targets.

The HOWTO way:

gcc -b i486-linuxglibc2 -nostdinc -I/usr/i486-linuxglibc2/include \
-I/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linuxglibc2/ hello.c -o hello

Our way:

export PATH=/usr/i486-linux-libc6/bin:"$PATH"
gcc -o hello hello.c

or alternatively:

gcc -b i486-linux-libc6 -o hello hello.c

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