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MBM File

MBM File

MBM files are basically (collections of) Sketch files with a few things stripped.

MBM files start with a Header Section which starts with the following codes:

Offset Size Data   Description

0000 ID 37 00 00 10 UID1: Header Section layout
0004 ID 42 00 00 10 UID2: File kind
0008 ID 00 00 00 00 UID3: Application ID
000C L 39 64 39 47 UID4: Checksum of UID1, UID2 and UID3
0010 Offset MBM Jumptable

Note that there is no Section Table Section; a MBM Jumptable is found instead.

MBM Jumptable

This is a LListL of Offsets , each to a Paint Data Section. So there is one Offset for each picture.

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