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Substitutions: Creating the HTML links

The structure of Psion files

File Structure

The ID 10000037 File

The ID 10000050 File

Encrypted Sections

Encryption Method

Data files

Clip Art File

MBM File

Record File

Sheet File

Sketch File

TextEd File

Userdic File

Word File

World Data File

Main Sections

Application ID Section

Header Section

Page Layout Section

Paint Data Section

Password Section

Record Section

Section Table Offset Section

Section Table Section

Sheet Graph List Section

Sheet Status Section

Sheet Workbook Section

Sketch Section

Text Section

TextEd Section

Text Layout Section

Word Status Section

Word Styles Section

Primitive structures



Basic Elements: Byte, Word and Long


IDs: Identifiers

Floats: Floating point umbers

Lists: BListB and other ?List? structures



Sheet Cell Block

Sheet Cell Layout

Sheet Cell Offset

Sheet Cell Reference

Sheet Date

Sheet Number Format

Sheet Variable Reference

SInts: Signed integers



Intermediate Structures



Character Layout Codes

Character Layout List

Clip Art Item

Embedded Object Section

MBM Jumptable

Object Display Section

Object Icon Section

Page Header

Page Layout Section

Paragraph Layout Codes

Paragraph Layout List

Sheet Cell

Sheet Cell List

Sheet Formula

Sheet Formula Elements

Sheet Formula List

Sheet Formula Varargs

Sheet Graph Axis

Sheet Graph Description

Sheet Graph Region

Sheet Graph Section

Sheet Grid Section

Sheet Info Section

Sheet Line

Sheet Line Section

Sheet Name Section

Sheet Variable

Sheet Variable List

Sheet Worksheet

Sheet Worksheet List

Sheet Worksheet List Element


Text Layout Inline List

Text Layout Paragraph Types

Text Layout Paragraph Type List

Text Layout Paragraph Elements

Text Layout Paragraph Element List

Text Replacement Section

Text Substitution Pattern

TextEd Jumptable

Word Normal Style

Word Style Hotkeys

Word Other Styles

Word Style ID

Word Style Trailer

World Data City Section

World Data Country Section

Psifiles | by Dr. Radut